Michal Kluvanek

Short Biography:

Michal Kluvanek was born in Czechoslovakia in a small town on the Hungarian border in 1954.He came to Australia in 1967 with his family at the age of twelve. (At that time it seemed to be a generous place to me). Michal established a photographic practice in 1979 and moved to the studio in Dew st. Thebarton in 1989.

He has an arts and commercial practice and has worked on collaborative and solo projects and has fulfilled commissions in both the public and private arenas. His work is represented in public and private collections. He has taught at the tertiary level. He is interested in the local and particular as is appropriate for a photographer. He has participated in the projects of The Thebarton Community Arts Network.

He has been a Section #1 member since its inception in 1996.

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